Welcome to ForEver Global

Official Start 10.04.2021

To begin, I will mention a few systems or configurations that we have:

Maximum Level 250
Start Level 1
Constant evolution of equipment
3 Kingdoms
Without alchemy/energy
Centralized Market
CH Changer Ingame
Equipment Changer
Key Changer
Friendly Menu
Portatil shops
Bank System
Titles System
Transmutation System
Costume / Belt System
Mount / Pet System
Craft System

Domain System
Anti-Exp System
Wiki System
Multilanguage System
Shaman System
Info Mobs
Dungeons Reconnect
New Dungeons
New Mobs / Pets / Mounts
New Safebox
New Bonus PvM
New Potions
5 Deposit
4 Inventories
5 New Events PvP
New Events
Dog Mode System (For lag)


The Start

You start at lvl 1, and you obtain a PvM set which will help you for the whole adventure. Additionally you get 5 mounts, a pet and several varied items.

There is 3 Kingdoms, (Zakrum) light and (Drakan) darkness. If ther are unbalanced you will get a bonus exp if you choose the least populated Kingdom.


There is a total of 10 PvP set (Tiers)




Mount Evolution, you start with 5 basic mounts that you can evolve as you advance in your adventure

In relation to the basic mounts, your initial horse level is 10, and you can improve it while the mounts, all mounts have the level of your ability, you will have to improve it in the dungeons.

Also you can improve your horse skill, which will help you a lot

We count with a lot of mounts, aprox: 100. I am going to show you a few ####mounts


As with the mounts, I'm going to show you a few pets. We have aprox: 150 pets

Craft System

All craft in one window, which is connected with the inventory and the safebox.
We have a series of new recipes for potions, pets, mounts ...

Safebox System

An orderly safebox, connected to the account, with which you can improve, deliver item, craft item ... without even having to open it.

Shaman System

An assistant, which gives you auras, you can level up and evolve to gain greater power.

Hunting System

A series of missions (100 for the moment) which will approve you and give you rewards upon completion.
Soon new custom missions for your level. (Easy, Medium, Hard)

Closet System

An orderly closet, connecte to the account, with which you can save all costumes, pets, mounts, and other special items.

Domain System

A system where you can obtain special rewards, killing, deliver items, and obtain exotic 'items' to improve your domains.

Title System

A system with which you can get all kinds of titles, with karma, rank, pvp, time, specials ...
And then you can choose which ones wear.

Wiki System

With this wikipedia you can consult the data of all the objects, search by name and filter by class or category.
You get information about the improvements, drops, and what it can contain.


A centralized market, where you can buy from anywhere, search by name and category.


With this system you can vote for us, and at the same time get points to spend in your special shop.

Info Mobs

A system to know the level, exp, damage, race and subrace of a monster. Additionally shows the possible drops.

Damage Color

Normal -> Yellow -- Penetration -> Green -- Critical -> Blue

Penetration + Critical -> Purple

PvM Balancing

All races can leveling equally, doing a bonus PvM to races like assassin,shaman, magic sura.


There is no special item that a person cannot get playing, there will always be similar ones that can be achieved by playing. A shop for those who want to get things fast, or different aspects

Events System

A window that lets you know when an event is active, and can teleport to the event.
Additionally it also shows how much time is left for an automatic event.

Keyboard System

A system that allows you to change the original keys of the client for others of your liking.

Switcher System

We have a manual switcher that facilitates the work of change bonus, and soon an automatic as well.

Various System

Afk System

A system that is activated every 30 minutes on PvM maps, to avoid AFK-Leveling

Change Equip

It allows you to save some combinations of equipment, to then be able to change them quickly.

PvP Routes

You will earn points based on what you do in PvP events, and then you can redeem them for rewards.


A drop-down menu with which you can open the rest of the systems.

Special Shops

Special shops, which you can buy with other items.


A preview of few Events, there are many more.

Budokan (Tournament)





Sleeping Azrael

Youtube & Twich cooperation

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